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Welcome to the Cantaro websiteIf you, like us, are passionate about ceramics and spanish pottery, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to come around and visit us in Madrid. Being fully aware that it’s not the same as a proper visit, with this website we intend to show you what it is, undoubtedly, one of the most charming shops in the capital.

Cantaro is one of the few remaining shops in which you can find unique pieces, handcrafted and painted by hand, by some of the best craftsmen in the country. Here, at Cantaro, we strive to help pre
serve an art which is, unfortunately, gradually vanishing. We travel throughout Spain for you, picking and choosing the best pieces for public sale, and can also discuss with you commission of ceramics for your home or business.

  Please have a look around our shop, learn the complexity of Spanish pottery and ceramics.